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The Grossery Gang

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The Grossery Gang is a brand of collectible figurines created by Moose Toys. The franchise began in June 19, 2016 with Series 1, which had 150 grosseries to collect. The franchise consists of characters named Grosseries, which are collectable figures based off rotten and expired groceries and objects. Each series has 150 grosseries, 6 of each one being limited and commonly 24 special and ultra rare grosseries.

The most recent series is Series 5, taglined as Time Wars, but previous series are still being sold in markets. Series 5 was released in June 2018, with Wave 2 reported in late August from the same year. The Grossery Gang is based off Moose Toys' failed toy franchise, The Trash Pack, which began in 2011 and ended in 2014, with final media and contents released in 2015, one year before the franchise was revived as The Grossery Gang.

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